The Creation of the Universe

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Where did the Companions of
the Cave Live?

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The universe, whose vast dimension pushes the limits of the human's comprehension, functions without fail, resting on sensitive balances and within a great order and has done so since the first moment of its formation. How this enormous universe has come into being, where it leads to and how the laws that maintain the order and balance within it work, have always been matters of interest to people in all ages, and still are...>>>
The religion of Islam can by no means countenance terrorism. On the contrary, terror (i.e. the murder of innocent people) in Islam is a great sin, and Muslims are responsible for preventing these acts and bringing peace and justice to the world. >>>
Do you consider that the Companions of the Cave and the Tablet were one of the most remarkable of Our Signs?
(Qur'an, 18: 9)
Fourteen centuries ago, God sent down the Qur'an to mankind as a book of guidance. He called upon people to be guided to the truth by adhering to this book. From the day of its revelation to the day of judgement, this last divine book will remain the sole guide for humanity. >>>